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Dr. Paresh Shah has been in private practice in Winnipeg, Canada since 1992.

Dr. Shah’s interests and expertise lie in cosmetic, restorative and implant dentistry. He has evolved from a single-tooth, reparative dentist to one that provides a comprehensive approach to patient care. He enjoys teaching and mentoring dentists in all aspects of restorative dentistry and interdisciplinary care.

Dr. Shah provides practical information to deliver everyday dentistry in an efficient, predictable and productive manner. He provides a balance of clinical experience, evidence-based dentistry and simple systems to implement immediately. Dr. Shah’s speaking style is very interactive, informative and non-threatening.

Lecture Topics


  • The Contemporary Digital Practice – Scanning, Smile Design & Everything In-Between

As dentistry continues to evolve, one area of interest to many is digital technology. Many patients seek dentists who are forward thinking and embracing new technologies. Whether it’s related to diagnostics, clinical dentistry, or indirect lab procedures, it’s hard to ignore the fact that technology affects us all in one way or another. There are many well-established, evidenced-based principles that guide our clinical decisions. However, science and technology has advanced and it’s important for dentists to understand how they can best utilize these technologies to enhance patient care.

Participants will be exposed to a variety of technologies to facilitate diagnosis, treatment planning and treatment of everyday dentistry and beyond. We will discuss a variety of scanning technologies and cad/cam options and show how they can be easily implemented. You will learn how to use Digital Smile Design (DSD) protocols to enhance patient acceptance and treatment. Lab communication and digital smile design workflows will be presented using clinical cases. Participants will be shown ways to implement a variety of technologies & DSD in a convenient manner at your own pace.

This lecture may be customized for a half-day or full-day format depending on requirements. Ideally participants will have hands-on demonstrations with digital scanners and a DSD workshop during the full day session.

  • Contemporary Esthetics for Everyday Practice – Convenient Techniques to make your Practice more Profitable and Predictable

As dentists we are challenged with and an increased complexity in esthetic dentistry demands. Furthermore, we are faced with an ever-changing selection of materials, procedures and requests from patients. This lecture will provide and update of current restorative materials and present clinical examples to help you understand their proper use.  You will learn ways to make your everyday restorative treatments simple, predictable and profitable.  We will review direct and indirect procedures through a series of clinical cases to easily visual how to treat many of the challenges we encounter in everyday practice – on natural teeth and implants. You will be shown how mastering the basics can help you transition patients into more complex treatments. You will also learn practical techniques to simplify the restoration of your cases and be able to implement many of these immediately.

This lecture may be customized for a half-day or full-day format depending on requirements

  • The Evolution of a Comprehensive Care Dentist – Trials, Tribulations & Successes

From the day we graduated from dental school we received the skills to treat teeth and fix problems. Most of us never received the tools to look at the big picture and understand why dentition and supporting structures can breakdown or fail. These skills aren’t easily learned and require a thirst for knowledge, advanced education and mentoring.  Most of us a good “single-tooth or reparative dentists,” but few are good “interdisciplinary” dentists.  This lecture will take you through the evolution from a being a tooth-by-tooth dentist to a comprehensive interdisciplinary dentist. It’s not a daunting task, but there can be challenges along the way. The journey is worth it and your patient care and personal fulfillment will be enhanced.

This lecture may be customized for a half-day or full-day format depending on requirements. It may also be combined with another half-day lecture. 

  • Interdisciplinary Care & Complex Treatment Planning

With our aging demographic more people present with esthetic, functional and occlusal problems that require extensive treatment.   You will be shown practical concepts on staging treatment to allow for comprehensive work to be done at the patient’s pace and budget. Learn how proper pre-prosthetic planning & interdisciplinary communication can lead to long-term stability while utilizing conservative and minimally invasive procedures.  We will spend time treatment planning some cases as a group to stimulate dialogue and enhance the experience.

This half-day lecture may be combined with other lectures to create a full day program. 

  • The Magic of Composites – Functional Beauty (Lecture & hands-on program)

Esthetics is driving more treatment than ever before. However, it is important to provide patients with conservative and affordable options to achieve those beautiful and natural smiles. Proper utilization of composite resin systems can provide wonderful solutions to recreate the beauty of a natural dentition. This lecture and hands-on workshop will present simple and predictable tips to achieve consistent esthetic results utilizing current materials and technologies. Participants will learn various ways to recreate natural contour, shape and function of their direct restorations.  They will also learn how to recreate natural esthetics using various multi-shade layering techniques that are simple to implement the practice.

This half-day lecture/workshop may be combined with other lectures to create a full day program. 

  • Predictable Implant Esthetics – Lecture

Implants are without question a vital treatment option for replacement of missing teeth. Successful implant treatment can be challenging for many clinicians to achieve predictable results.  Implant, abutment and final restoration selection all play a vital role to the success of the treatment. This lecture will allow participants to learn how to plan and implement successful implant esthetics.   We will cover implant planning from diagnosis to implant selection and placement.  Proper impressioning techniques, lab communication, abutment selection, provisionalization, tissue management and prosthetic design will be reviewed.  Learn techniques that will be easy to implement Monday morning.

This lecture may be customized for half or full day program depending on requirements

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